Requiem Sanctus


Requiem Sanctus has raided since vanilla. We have had strong consistent progression throughout World of Warcraft and cleared almost all content (past & present). 
We don't believe in elitism.  What we do believe in is team work.  We have a league, DKP & Honour system which reflects this. The Guild has a helpful, understanding core who are not ‘clicky’.  This is important for a positive healthy social structure, for progression, and more importantly, a fair guild.
Raid days (before the break) are Wednesday, Thursday & Monday (20 - 23 hours severtime). Members are expected to attend two raids a week minimum.  
If you feel this could be a place for you make an application!  All applications are considered and not just on the gear on your back.  If successful you'll be put on a 2 week trial.  During that time we'll assess you, we’ll see how you do and we’ll give you feedback (when appropriate).


If on the other hand you are just looking for a social guild, we also have spots for you too!  We are always talking to each other either on voice comms or just getting along in guild. 

Current Progress Emerald Nightmare 7/7 HC 1/7 Mythic ToV 3/3 N